General Information

Welcome to Sanya Summit


The Tsinghua AI Summit at Sanya is intended to provide a major international summit for exchanging novel research ideas and significant practical results in Artificial Intelligence. After more than 60 years of development and accumulation, artificial intelligence technology has exerted more and more influence and changed people's life and work style. Meanwhile, the development of artificial intelligence is also facing new challenges. The summit will not only target on new progress in research and development in AI, also on Mathematics theories of artificial intelligence and big data.

The first Tsinghua AI Summit will be held from March 22 to March 24 at Sanya, a beautiful city in Hainan Province of China.


Keynote Speakers

Leonidas J. Guibas, Stanford University
Hsiao-Wuen Hon, Microsoft Research Asia
Eric Xing, Carnegie Mellon University
Zhengyou Zhang, Tencent
Songchun Zhu, University of California, Los Angeles



English is the official language of the conference.


Organized by

The People's Government of Sanya City

Yau Mathematic Sciences Center, Tsinghua University


In cooperation with

China Computer Federation

Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Tsinghua University


Sponsored by

Science Fund for Creative Research Group, NSFC



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